Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Project

Developing a model that will help expand an arts program across the state.

The Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program (BTSALP) believes all children should experience the arts through hands-on learning.

Beverly Taylor Sorenson--mother of Sorenson Impact Center founder James Lee Sorenson--developed a model to integrate the arts into K-6 schools in Utah which persists today in public education.

However, the BTSALP doesn't want to stop at 6th grade, they want to expand their program into K-12 education across the state. They approached us with this idea and we created a plan to help them achieve their goal.


The Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program​ (BTSALP)


BTSALP asked us to help them develop a plan to expand their program from elementary schools to K-6 education in the state of Utah.


Using strategic planning, research and data analysis, and financial modeling we developed a master plan for BTSALP to achieve their goals.


As BTSALP implements the plan developed by the Center, students across the state of Utah will benefit from the opportunity to participate in arts programs in school.


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