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A Webinar Speaker Series

Welcome to Sorenson Impact Insights, a webinar series featuring game-changing insights from both established Impact Leaders and up-and-coming Impact Entrepreneurs. 


Impact Insights promise to be dynamic and engaging sessions dedicated to informing and educating social leaders, connecting those leaders as a collaborative community and empowering our community to unite in order to solve pressing social issues.

Featured Impact Insights

In conversation with:

Premal Shah

Founder of Kiva 

Lessons Learned at Kiva:

Unleashing Human Potential

Premal is an American entrepreneur who co-founded Kiva, a global poverty alleviation non-profit that has raised over $1 billion for low-income entrepreneurs in eighty countries. 


In this session, Premal will cover the past and present of Kiva and the microfinance space, sharing his learnings around how to leverage entrepreneurship as an equalizer. Premal also discusses how he sees the future of fintech and peer to peer lending evolving - painting a hopeful picture for technological advancement and its intersection with unlocking untapped potential.

In conversation with:

Scott Turner

Executive Director, White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council 

Opportunity Zones and Equitable Economic Recovery

Eric Scott Turner is an American businessman, motivational speaker and politician who currently serves as the Executive Director of the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council. Before entering politics, Turner was a cornerback who played in the National Football League for nine seasons.

In this session, Scott speaks to the role that Opportunity Zones have played and will continue to play in an equitable recovery from COVID 19. Scott also expresses how he is able to encourage meaningful collaboration amongst the numerous different federal agencies and federal-state partnerships that exist under the Opportunity and Revitalization Council. Lastly, Scott explains what he’s learned from the cross-fertilization between private, nonprofit and state actors that Opportunity Zones promote and how other leaders in the social sector can look to replicate this sort of collaboration toward their desired social impact.

In conversation with:

Georgie Benardete

Co-Founder and CEO, Align 17 

A Call for Collaboration: How to Mobilize Private Wealth for Social Good

Georgie Benardete is a technology investor and entrepreneur. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of Align17, a private platform for family offices and ultra-high net-worth individuals to identify vetted, impactful investments. 

In this session, Georgie speaks to the moment we’re in and the momentum that COVID 19 has created around private interest in impact investing. She also explains the intricacies of how Align 17 has been able to take away the friction for private investment into the UN social development goals and urges other leaders to search for similar collaborations toward impact.

In conversation with:

Paul Ryan

Former Speaker of the House and President of the American Idea Foundation 

Our first conversation was between Sorenson Impact CEO, Geoff Davis and Former Speaker of the House and President of the American Idea Foundation Paul Ryan. Geoff Davis and Mr. Ryan were also joined by five University of Utah students who each posed questions.

The discussion covered Opportunity Zones, Pay for Success, the challenges of equitable COVID 19 recovery, government and private sector collaboration toward social impact, and more.

Upcoming Impact Insights
Stay tuned, more impact insights sessions coming soon!