Utah's Female and Minority Small Business Owners

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

A report based on qualitative and quantitative research to promote equitable markets.


The Sorenson Impact Center was contracted by JP Morgan Chase & Co to explore the market of women and minority run businesses in the state of Utah.

Using quantitative data analyses, qualitative interviews, and focus groups, the report contains an overview of the underrepresentation of females and minorities in Utah business ownerships.


We concluded the report with a series of recommendations which aim to move Utah business ownership toward a more equitable state with greater representation of women and minorities.

Look at the best company, the best management team regardless of who is in the seat.”

-Jim Sorenson

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
The Sorenson Impact Center was asked to define the market for women and minority run businesses in the state of Utah.
After conducting focus groups and interviews with local female and minority business owners, the Center compiled a list of self-reported businesses owned by women and minorities. This list was found to be only 66% accurate; only 66% of business on the list were actually female- or minority-owned. 
Using recommendations outlined in the report, J.P. Morgan Chase and & Co., the Sorenson Impact Center, and other organizations can work together to create a more equitable market in the state of Utah.
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