​We believe that profound social impact is contingent on leveraging four cohesive strategies: data science, community engagement, innovative finance, and impact storytelling.

The Sorenson Impact Methodology™ uniquely positions us to empower social entrepreneurs and organizations to measure, articulate, and expand their impact.





We believe data can change the way we create social impact in the world. The Center’s data scientists work alongside our policy and community engagement experts to design solutions for and with communities, governments, nonprofits, and philanthropists.


Impact Measurement.

We integrate qualitative processes with data science to measure and demonstrate social sector impact for governments, nonprofits, and foundations. We don’t stop there--we ensure our partners know how to talk about your impact in a way that elevates your message to your audience.


Impact Investing.

We are proud to host the longest-running impact venture student experience in the country. We offer expertise and consulting services for impact investing, and continue to support the University Venture Fund.


Strategic Storytelling.

Stories change the world. We empower our partners to drive engagement and action through a wide array of narrative forms: brand anthems, short films, motion graphic animations, academic case studies, articles, op-eds, infographics, and more.


Innovative Finance.

We work directly with communities to develop solutions to pressing issues. We listen and integrate community needs into the process of evidence-based policy to provide solutions that meet the unique needs of each community.


Initiative Building.

Building a movement takes vision, passion, and grit. We bring all of those to bear in our partnerships, as well as data based strategies and community voices. We’ve worked with foundations to catalyze initiatives and execute them from inspiration to impact.


Impact Instruction.

It can be difficult knowing where to begin measuring and communicating your impact as  a company, nonprofit, or individual. We develop tailored educational experiences to help our partners define their theory of change and quantify impact through data science, story-telling, and strategic thinking.


Convening & Community Engagement

Cross-sector collaboration is necessary to build innovative strategies to address the world’s problems. Our convenings bring together the brightest minds in personalized settings. We offer facilitation that prioritizes respect and honesty to generate intimate conversations.

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