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Kinkade Darling

Senior Student Fellow

Kinkade is a Senior Student Fellow on the Data Science team, mastering his analytics skills, proficiency in R, and statistical analysis skills. Prior to joining the Center, he worked at Intermountain Healthcare in their Security Operations Center as a Cyber Security Analyst and as a Teacher’s Assistant at the David Eccles School of Business. In addition to working at Sorenson Impact, Kinkade is employed as a Data Scientist with a marketing firm in the Salt Lake Valley. He also spends a portion of his time volunteering with Project Embrace, a local non-profit, and serves as their Director of Finance, Operations, and Software Engineering. Outside of working, Kinkade enjoys biking, hiking, practicing ceramic art, and spending time with his family. Kinkade is a MS Finance candidate pursing an emphasis in computational finance and alternative investments. He is also a MS Information Systems candidate pursing an emphasis in business analytics.