Lexi Kaili

"It is rare to work with someone who has such a unique blend of skills; can develop high level strategy, collaborate with a broad range of stakeholders, and deliver work to the highest standards."—Grant Baskerville

The Sina Project

Senior Student Fellow

Lexi is a Senior Student Fellow on the Communications team, working on Forbes film production, opportunity zones, written content, website development and optimization (SEO). Prior to joining the Sorenson team, she worked at the Natural History Museum of Utah. As the Citizen Science Coordinator, she engaged local, state and federal partners across the state of Utah in the scientific process through community science initiatives, gathered field data for Salt Lake City restoration projects and brought science education resources to underserved populations. Currently, she is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator on the Bennion Scholars Leadership team and also serves on the Student Media Council and the Graduate Student Diversity Council. Aside from work and academics, she spends her free time rock climbing, fly fishing and backpacking. Lexi is a graduate student pursuing her Masters of Public Administration at the University of Utah. Her research focuses on the benefits of undergraduate mentorship and nonprofit strategy.


+ Film Production

+ Project Management

+ Marketing

Forbes OZ 20

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