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Meghan Williams

Student Fellow

Meghan is a Student Fellow on the Impact Investing team where she analyzes social impact, industry trends, and financial models. She has worked on projects ranging from disruptive digital media, to investor bias implications in venture capital, to low-income microfinance applications. Prior to joining the Sorenson team, she interned at Goldman Sachs as an Analyst in the Securities Division working with international exchanges and large asset management firms. She was previously an Eccles Ambassador for the Business Scholars Program at the David Eccles School of Business, a Teaching Associate for Business Philosophy, and Director of Speakers for the Business Scholars Club. Currently, Meghan is a part of the Goff Scholars Strategic Leadership Program and a board member for the Eccles Global program. Meghan is a junior at the University of Utah Studying Quantitative Analysis of Markets and Organizations with a Minor in Advanced Financial Analysis.