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Sophia Boughannam

Student Fellow

Impact Investing

Sophia is a Student Fellow on the Impact Investing team. In 2018, Sophia co-founded a seed stage exosome therapeutic company, ExTherea, in Japan, exposing her to a life of pitching to venture funds and corporate business developers. Being on the inventor side, Sophia sought the Sorenson Impact Center Impact Investing Investing team to hone the skills and insights of an investor and strengthen her entrepreneurial position and delivering impact through a means outside of science. Sophia is a PhD candidate in biomedical engineering at the University of Utah. Her research focuses on enhancing the therapeutic potency of stem cells using three-dimensional tissue engineering strategies. Sophia brings a background of empirical data collection, research, and analysis to her diligence on prospective investments. Outside of her professional life, she spends her free time cycling, mountain biking, rock climbing, and skiing.