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Srishti Kotiyal

Senior Student Fellow

Impact Investing

Srishti is a Senior Student Fellow on the Impact Investing team working on due diligence for deals being submitted to the Investment Committee.

Prior to joining the Sorenson team, Srishti earned her engineering degree in biotechnology in India, during which she worked on a research project aimed at developing bio-pesticides from plant sources. In addition to working with the Sorenson team Srishti researches liver cancer with emphasis on the interplay of two oncogenes in the initiation and progression of this disease. She is also interested in promoting science outreach among young minds via events like SLC Brainbee, an annual neuroscience competition for high school students.

Srishti is a fifth-year graduate student pursuing her Ph.D. degree at the Huntsman Cancer Institute under the University of Utah School of Medicine. She is also a member of the Student Advisory Committee at the Huntsman Cancer Institute.