Elizabeth VanSant-Webb


Elizabeth VanSant-Webb is currently a Manager at the Sorenson Impact Center. She has a passion for working with underserved communities around education, housing, social services, and women's empowerment. Prior to joining the Center, Elizabeth was at the Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake with their early childhood home visiting program. She worked with preservice teachers at the University of Utah focusing on multicultural education, home-community-school partnerships, and Teaching English as a Second Language. She conducted research on equitable educational theories, practices, and outcomes for minoritized students in the K-16 system and worked as an elementary educator in the Sale Lake City School District. She also served as a community health and public health Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger and Namibia. Elizabeth holds an MAT and MEd from Westminster College, and a BA in Women's Studies from Wichita State University.

MAPS Project

Forbes OZ 20

Centro de La Familia de Utah


+ Impact measurement
+ Strategic storytelling
+ Initiative building

National Collaborative for Infants and Toddlers

+ Convening & community engagement

Winter Innovation Summit

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