We Believe In Opportunity Zones. Here’s Why You Should Too.

At the Sorenson Impact Center, we believe in the tremendous potential of opportunity zones (OZs) to deliver real, meaningful and lasting change to people and communities throughout our country. If we want to create a truly prosperous economic future for all, investment needs to flow to every part of our country, from the lands of the Makah tribe in the Pacific Northwest to Newark, New Jersey. OZs represent the means through which to do this by matching the ideas and potential of communities with the underutilized capital gains of investors.

There are, and will always be, those who approach OZs with less than altruistic motives. For these actors, the court of public opinion and final tranche of OZ related Treasury regulations awaits. However, for the rest of us, maintaining an unwavering commitment to the spirit of OZs for the equitable revitalization of distressed communities will be critical to their long term success.

The Forbes OZ 20: Top Opportunity Zone Catalysts 

For these reasons, Forbes is partnering with the Sorenson Impact Center, a leading social impact catalyst housed at the University of Utah, to launch an entirely new list focused on OZs. The Forbes OZ 20: Top Opportunity Zone Catalysts will showcase and elevate examples of best practice by investors and communities alike. We want to see more investors become impact investors and for communities to organize, mobilize and professionalize their approach to attracting investment for social good.

We have the foresight, means and ambition to succeed with OZs where prior tax incentives and interventions have failed. The Forbes OZ 20 is at the center of this process. Whether you are an investor utilizing OZs to create affordable housing for teachers, or a community seeking investment for a solar array, let us share your passion and vision for revitalizing some of the most underserved communities in our country.

Read the Forbes article here.

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