Reshaping Higher Education:


What are the intended outcomes for this event?

  • Offer a platform for students to share their experiences and ideas as these relate to their college experience

  • Provide an opportunity for students to hear from their peers 

  • Develop a message that captures the students’ voices that can be shared with higher education institutions, professionals, and researchers

  • Create an action-oriented cohort of diverse students with the intention of providing guidance and an ongoing platform to help them advocate for themselves and their peers within their own academic communities

Will this event be recorded?

  • Yes, the entire event will be recorded but will not be shared publicly in its entirety. In order to protect student privacy, the majority of this recording will only be made available to the Sorenson Impact Center team for our documentation purposes (see How will students’ contributions be used for the future?). 

  • The last portion of the event (approximately 15-20 minutes) will be a time for students to speak as if they were talking directly to an administrator or policymaker, and this portion will be shared publicly. Students may opt to not speak or participate in the video at this time.

How will students’ information be used?

  • The Sorenson Impact Center, in all the work we do, is committed to promoting equity and uplifting the voices of individuals from marginalized communities. Our intention, including with this convening, is to be inclusive of students with a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. After registering for the event, students will be sent a survey to collect information about students’ demographics and situational / impact. We ask that, as much as they are comfortable, students complete the following questions about their personal circumstances to help us gain an understanding of who our attendees are and how we can continue to improve in our work for social justice.

  • No personally identifiable information will be published, including student names alongside the name of their institution, in any way. Any insights / quotations from the event will not be tied to student names or institutions without their explicit permission.

What topics will be covered during this event? 

  • Student & Institutional Match: Discuss how the degree to which students feel their college/university is positioned to meet their financial, academic, and social needs has shifted significantly in recent months.

  • Safety & Inclusion: Discuss how student safety (both physical and psychological), sense of belonging, and inclusivity are impacting students, perspectives, and decisions on higher education.

  • Alternative Paths: Discuss how uncertainty about the economy and the coming academic year are driving students to consider different paths from those they originally planned on.

How will students’ contributions be used for the future? 

  • Contributions from students will be aggregated and shared with higher education administrators, policymakers, and thought-leaders. 

  • Additionally, the Sorenson Impact Center will share contributions through published articles, blog posts, and data dashboards.

Who is welcome to attend?

  • The event is for graduate / professional and undergraduate students attending institutions of higher education in the United States. It is open to both domestic and international students. 

Is the event open to the public? 

  • This event is not open to the public. We have chosen to limit this event specifically to students in furtherance of our goal to create the space most conducive to students' sharing of their authentic experiences and perspectives. It will be password-protected and there are measures in place to ensure the safety and security of the event.

I’d like to participate in this project, but I’m not a student. How can I get involved?

I’m a student who is unable to attend this event. Are there other opportunities for me to get involved?