Centro de la Familia de Utah

A strategic model to support an important community center and Head Start provider.

The Sorenson Impact Center engages with the community by facilitating conversations for community organizations and service providers and the individuals they serve.

Centro de La Familia de Utah is a Head Start provider and community center that serves many different families in Utah. They wanted to increase their reach and impact on the communities they serve, so they came to us with questions and a goal and we helped them execute it.

Through a strategic planning retreat, many conversations, and research we were able to create a strategic model for them to move beyond compliance-based measurements and start capturing child and family outcomes during and after participation in Centro programs.


Centro de La Familia de Utah


The Centro de La Familia de Utah is an important community center for Utah families and individuals. They asked us to help them increase their reach and standardize a way to measure their impact on the communities they serve.


The Sorenson Impact Center organized a strategic planning retreat with Centro employees, facilitated conversations with the community, and developed a strategic model for the Centro to utilize.


The Centro de La Familia de Utah helps many children and families in Utah through their services. By increasing their reach and capturing the positive outcomes the Centro will be able to positively impact an even larger community of people.


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