Executive Education Access Venture

Workshop and training with an impact investment firm to utilize data and storytelling to further their impact.

Executive Education Access Venture

Sorenson Impact Center social impact experts help nonprofits and businesses use data science, impact measurement, and strategic storytelling to the best of their abilities.

We partnered with Access Ventures to provide one full-day workshop with our team of impact educators to provide participants with tools to develop their own impact measurement work.

At the Access Ventures offices in Louisville, Kentucky our educators organized a full-day workshop including learning sessions on data and evaluation, accessing data, theory of change, causality vs correlation, and data and storytelling. Through our executive education trainings our experts can help you profit from your data and use your unique theory of change to increase your impact.

Executive Education Access Venture


Access Ventures


Companies and firms interested in making an impact in society need a detailed theory of change and data-backed measurement process to evaluate their success. We were asked to help Access Ventures better implement these tools.


The Sorenson impact measurement expert team went to the Access Ventures in Louisville, Kentucky to provide a one-day workshop and training on data, strategic storytelling, and impact.


We hope Access Ventures can implement the tools and knowledge we provided to evaluate and increase their impact on the communities they work with.