Salt Lake County Pay For Success Project Facilitation

Facilitating outcomes-based funding contracts for Salt Lake County organizations.

Salt Lake County Pay For Success Project Facilitation

Sorenson Impact Center helps find solutions to social problems by engaging cross-sector groups and individuals to ensure social services are working for the communities they serve.

Pay for Success is an innovative financing approach that uses outcomes-based funding to create contracts that help achieve this goal.

As a project manager for the Salt Lake County's $11.3 million Pay for Success Portfolio, we have coordinated and facilitated operations for the projects' partners including: the Road Home, First Step House, Salt Lake County, Utah Criminal Justice Center, Community Foundation Utah, and various other private investors.

Salt Lake County Pay For Success Project Facilitation


The Road Home
First Step House
Salt Lake County
Utah Criminal Justice Center
Community Foundation Utah


Government contracts for social services are increasingly shifting to outcomes-based modeling. This means resources are going to high-performing services have measurable outcomes. Ensuring all parties involved in these Pay for Success contracts requires extensive management and facilitation.


The Sorenson Impact Center has helped Salt Lake County and various organizations and private investors work together to provide the best services possible to residents while effectively using government resources.


Using Pay for Success contracts not only are government resources used more efficiently but individuals can benefit from the emphasis on high quality services. Together our focus on reducing homelessness and recidivism in Salt Lake County through innovative finance will promote positive change in the community.