The Impact Revolution

A first-of-its-kind series highlighting the field of social impact.

The Impact Revolution

Sorenson Impact Center seeks to create strategic content that sparks interest in your social impact.

Partnered with Forbes, we have produced an original content series that does just that. The Impact Revolution is a first-of-its-kind series of articles and videos that highlight major players in the field of social impact.

Using compelling narratives and stunning visuals we have featured 9 short films and articles about impact investors, social entrepreneurs, and social impact at large on the Forbes website. These features document the "Impact Revolution" that is changing the way multiple sectors approach finding solutions to the biggest global challenges we face today. Discover the latest pioneers in the field by following #TheImpactRevolution.

The Impact Revolution




Together Forbes and the Sorenson Impact Center wanted to document the leaders and revolutionaries in the social impact sector and garner interest in the field.


Through strategic storytelling and data informed narratives Forbes and the Center produced an original content series about the impact investors, social entrepreneurs, and philanthropists that are defining the "Impact Revolution".


The Impact Revolution is .a movement to unite governments, investors, nonprofits, philanthropists, companies, and individuals in the common goal of doing well while doing good.