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MARCH 03 – 05, 2021


Attendance Underwritten by Sponsors

The social impact space faces a growing challenge. How can we keep pace with the exponential changes unfolding in our modern world? As social issues grow in complexity and scale, nothing in living memory has matched the speed and severity of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dramatically exacerbated in 2020, countless structural inefficiencies now confront us as critical crossroads in 2021.


Further, as we look for solutions, the pandemic has demonstrated that no individual or institution alone can solve the social and economic problems that we’re facing. Instead, we recognize the need to collaborate in order to build the more inclusive and sustainable future that we urgently need. 


For this reason, the Sorenson Impact Summit is dedicated to shaping the best practices, policies and partnerships needed in this new normal. 


This year we will gather virtually, with the objective of delivering a more inclusive and accessible Summit. For three days our programming will explore innovations and spark discussion around the systems that we believe can drive the greatest impact toward a more just and flourishing society. 


Join us for keynotes, leadership roundtables and impact sessions focused on driving actionable solutions.


Each session at the Sorenson Impact Summit will be focused on spurring action. Our agenda is designed to encourage growth, conversation and progress toward tangible impact.



Learn about the latest breakthroughs in social impact, innovation and investing from a number of the most influential thought leaders in the impact space.


With attendance underwritten by our sponsors, we will ensure greater Summit participation than ever before. After a year that has created so much distance, our mission is to build a creative and collaborative networking experience for leaders across policy, government, entrepreneurship, investment and more.

And we’re just getting started. 2021 Speaking Lineup, Sponsors, and many more announcements to come.

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