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The Sorenson Impact Center's greatest impact is through empowering tomorrow's leaders with transformative, experiential learning. We are proud to offer unrivaled real-world training and mentorship to our students in the below internship areas.


Science Internships.

Data science Impact Fellows work alongside the data science team to provide customized data diagnostics for clients, write code, learn best practices around data sharing and security, as well as create data visualizations and dashboards. They are exposed to cutting-edge practices around impact measurement for both public and private sector projects and investments.

Policy Innovation Internships.

Impact Fellows interested in social issues and public policy have the opportunity to work on a variety of government and nonprofit consulting projects. Our fellows receive exposure to the most innovative tools being used to address social issues today, including Pay for Success projects, place-based initiatives, data-driven decision making and performance-based contracting. Issue areas addressed include homelessness, criminal recidivism, public health, early childhood education, higher education, economic development and more.

Impact Investing


Impact Fellows receive Wall Street-style training and collaborate with leading social venture funds, banks, foundations, consulting firms and social entrepreneurs to perform due diligence, to identify and recommend investments, and to grow businesses that have a social impact. This program provides unparalleled experiential education for students interested in impact investing, while providing professional governance and investment rigor that sophisticated investors require.

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Strategic Storytelling


Strategic Storytelling Fellows work to share innovative ideas and stories in a quickly-expanding space by building web, video, and print content with the Center. Students have the opportunity to work with all focus areas in the Center to connect with impact investors, governments, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and students.



Student impact fellows are expected to be enrolled in school for the duration of the program and to commit to the following:
  • up to 20 hours per week
  • minimum 2 semesters
  • Friday morning meetings


Opportunity of a Lifetime

Students from our film and field building teams met with social entrepreneurs across Uganda. They found people full of hope trying to change the world.

Student Coalition for Social Impact

The coalition brings students together from across the country to build professional relationships, learn about social impact, and develop implementable solutions to social issues.

University Venture Fund II

We are proud to host the oldest university program offering students hands-on experience with all things impact investing, from sourcing deals and due diligence to pitching to investors.

Artist in

Residence Program

Now in its second year, our artist in residence program fosters student works that add inspiring, new perspectives to social impact.

Adam Wall
Ally Salvador
Austin Hendrickson
Braxton Kunde
Brian Pham
Brinton MacDonald
Camron Zavell
Charlotte Magee
Hannah Williams
James Pearson
Jose Moreno
Kevin Huang
Marin Murdock
Peri Brimley
Ryland Shaw
Srishti Kotiyal
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Abdalelah Alhazmy
Abigail Paterson
Adarsh Subramanian
Angela Smith
Alma Burgos
Alyssa Allsop
Andrew McGavin
Anna Kaufman
Annie Bonebrake
Autumn Clark
Becca Hanlin
Ben Lindsay
Britton Buchanan
Chloe Jeong
Chris Rudzitis
Clara Randall
Derek Gann
Desirée Buck
Divyam Goel
Dmytro Mamedov
Emme James
Eric Janisch
Hridhay Suresh
Hudson Schmucker
Isabel Hanewicz
Izzy Schmidt
Jack Jowers
Jaclyn Martin
Jade Noble
Janae Holland
Janae Smith
Jed Garcia
John Patrick Flores
Joshua Lyman
Joshua Swan
Journee Lockridge
Kalai Hanohano
Kyra Villalon
Maci Smith
Megan Simpson
Nephi Zurita
Nik Stansbury
Noah Alex
Paige Anderson
Reiss Jensen
Ryan Asay
Rylan Lemons
Seth Berlin
Sharanya Kalasekar
Sophia Boughannam
Sylviane Bahati
Tramaine Jones
Vishwa Srinivasan
Zach Rice
Zaheer Jamkhana
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