Announcing Impact Investor Geoff Davis as our CEO.

Davis is a seasoned entrepreneur turned social entrepreneur turned impact investor, and his most recent position was CEO & Managing Partner of Cicero Impact Capital. He will bring his wealth of experience and knowledge to Sorenson Impact.

From Intention to Active Anti-Racism: We Must and Will Do 


As a Center, we are reflecting, listening, and engaging in honest conversations about our power and privilege. We are committed to holding ourselves accountable and sharing as we work toward anti-racist policy and practice. We must and will do better.  

Vital Data to Support Children during Covid-19

Children are among those most affected by food shortages, diminished public services, mental health strain, and worsening poverty wrought by the pandemic.

Ramping up our response

Understanding the social context of the Covid-19 spread will be essential to informed policy discussions. This analysis is not meant to replace peer-reviewed research, but to open a discussion on the type of social impact analysis that should be conducted on the spread and impacts of Covid-19. 

Announcing 2020 Winter Innovation Summit Content

We are thrilled to share that Ford Foundation President Darren Walker and Case Foundation CEO Jean Case will both be featured main stage speakers at the upcoming Winter Innovation Summit.

A Playbook for Designing Social Impact Measurement

Thinking about social impact measurement on a spectrum can help organizations develop a clear, evidence-based idea of how or why their programs work.

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